The first Aviagen Russian School hosted 47 students from over 25 Ross Parent Stock customers from Russia, Lithuania, Belarus and the Ukraine. The students traveled 40 kilometers south of Moscow to Serpukhov for the school.

The Production Management School, which ran from July 15-18, was a chance for students to receive firsthand training from experts in the field, while also meeting their counterparts from various neighboring countries. All applicants were Aviagen customers nominated by an Aviagen sales or technical representative.

The four day long module, modeled on the Aviagen Europe, Middle East and Africa School concept, included workshops and technical presentations, allowing the students to gain experience and knowledge to improve their own businesses and production techniques. The course emphasized aspects of poultry science and its practical application to managing successful breeder and broiler operations. Topics covered included research and development, biodiversity, disinfecting and the production stages.


The students had exams during their four day course, with the three strongest students receiving tablet computers able to run the Ross App. Students were given a chance to relax and socialize in the evenings, with various activities such as a barbeque and horse show.

Explaining why Russia was hosting a school for the first time, course organizer, Neil Clark, regional technical manager for Aviagen, said, "Such is the demand for places at the U.S. and Europe, Middle East and Africa Schools from our customers worldwide that it made sense to develop a school that would be more accessible to the region and also more suited from a language point-of-view. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge here in the form of our tutors and lecturers, all of whom have practical experience of working in this industry to complement their educational capabilities. I hope that the students will go back with an understanding and focus on the key drivers in their business and apply their new-found knowledge to their day-to-day work."

Marina Bushuyeva from Elinar broiler farm, said, "This course has proved to be invaluable. I learned a huge amount of information and practical skills, all of which were expertly taught, and the course was very engaging. The Biosecurity Principles and Rearing Workshops were my favorite part of the course, but it was all equally important and relevant to our work. All of the students came together as a team and this made the whole experience all the more enjoyable. I will leave the school in a far stronger position to improve my business and care for my animals as well as having made some great new friends."