Premier Nutrition has heavily invested to develop an advanced premix facility that will deliver premix assurance to its animal feed customers. Already using pharmaceutical-standard manufacturing systems, the company announced the new facility will build on its practice of using the residue-free tumble mixing system.

The facility's new automated system increases safety and manufacturing capacity. All premixes are delivered with the same level of homogeneity and traceability.

For safety and traceability, each batch of micro-ingredient is sampled and validated using the company's in-house near infrared system prior to mixing. This allows all ingredients to be positively identified, bar-coded and verified as being free of contaminants and safe for use prior to premix manufacturing.

Advances have also been made in the automated weighing systems. These systems, plus a micro-dispenser, ensure that premixes are created accurately and consistently. Retention of hand-weighed micro-ingredients and dispensaries give complete flexibility to meet individual customer requirements. The use of bar-coding and check-weighing provides additional levels of assurance.


The automation of Premier Nutrition's tumble mixing system allows each stainless steel tote bin to move seamlessly to each dispensing point on laser-controlled conveyors. Each tote is filled, mixed and discharged without the use of augers, elevators, belts, blowers that are used in conventional systems and can result in cross contamination.

Automated packing and stacking technology means that each custom-made premix is sent out in an efficient configuration. Metal detection and check-weighers provide accuracy and safety in every bag of premix.

"Food and feed safety is a food production prerequisite and our new premix facility has been specifically designed to optimize food safety from Premier Nutrition's share of the food chain whilst still increasing production capacity. In line with our philosophy, applying pharmaceutical technology to micro-ingredients in the new system has maintained our drive to completely remove the potential areas of cross contamination often found in conventional premix plants  delivering complete assurance to the final feed," said Steve Pritchard, Premier Nutrition's senior poultry nutritionist.

Premix manufacturing is centered at Premier Nutrition's head office in Rugeley, Staffordshire, the United Kingdom.