Vikon Farms, a poultry processor that specializes in chickens to be exported to Asia, will reopen a plant in Arkadelphia, Ark., that was closed in 2011 by Petit Jean Poultry. Vikon Farms intends to invest about $5.4 million in the poultry plant.

The Vikon Farms plant will specialize in free-range chickens. The company requires that the chickens be fed antibiotic-free feed. Vikon Farms serves a number of Asian markets.


Vikon Farms expects to hire more than 170 people to work at the poultry plant. In addition, Vikon Farms plans to provide work for people outside the plant by contracting with poultry growers in the vicinity, as well as at a Vikon-supported hatchery in Prescott, Ark.

"Vikon Farms is doing more than bringing jobs to Arkadelphia; they're building agricultural partnerships with growers in our region," Gov. Mike Beebe said at a ceremony. "I know they will be satisfied with the dedicated workforce they will find in Arkadelphia and Clark County as they establish their Arkansas operation."