Kansas State University's International Grains Program offers its feed manufacturing course to individuals in the feed industry. The course is targeted for maintenance personnel and managers of livestock, poultry, swine and agriculture facilities, as well as mill owners, managers, supervisors, merchandisers and equipment manufacturers.

"Participants come to this course to learn the new trends in feed manufacturing and to strengthen their knowledge on the important concepts that make the feed production process more efficient," says Carlos Campabadal, course coordinator and the International Grain Program's feed manufacturing and grain quality specialist.

Topics discussed during the course include grain storage, particle size reduction, extrusion, animal nutrition, pelleting, cost control and advances in feed technology. The course will include sessions in the O.H. Kruse Feed Mill and tours of the Kansas State University's animal science dairy farm.


Speakers for this course will include faculty of Kansas State University's Feed Technology group with its newest members, Charles Stark, Cassandra Jones and Carlos Campabadal. Joining them will be faculty from the university's animal sciences and industry department, Professor Emeritus Keith Behnke and Fred Fairchild of the grain science and industry department.

The one-week course will be held September 30-October 4, 2013. Visit the International Grains Program website to register and to learn about other training opportunities.