The growing technical skills of Ukrainian and Belarus chicken producers is now paying dividends, Cobb regional market manager Vasyl Babych told more than 130 participants at the Cobb Germany seminar in Cherkassy, Ukraine. Cobb is an international poultry research and development company.

"With many years of cooperation, the expertise of Ukrainian and Belarus producers has grown tremendously," said Vasyl Babych. "Ukrainian producers have now passed all European Union import inspections so that they can supply the EU. The Byelorussian producers can supply Russian markets with first-class product."


As requested by local poultry specialists after previous seminars, the event was extended to three days and was dedicated to issues of broiler production, poultry health and welfare, incubation improvements and breeder performance. Opening the seminar, James Truscott, director of Cobb Germany, focused attention on the major challenge of contemporary poultry production - efficiency issues - and on world trends in the poultry industry.

Members of the Cobb team, including experts from various countries, gave presentations on the newest breeder and broiler production methods and were available for individual consultancy. Matthew Wilson of Cobb Europe, Dr. Mathias Todte of MMT Tierarztpraxis, Ron Meijerhof from Cobb Germany, Winfridus Bakker from Cobb-Vantress, Stefan Kresse of WIMEX Agrarprodukte and Ermin Grbic from Iradia spoke at the event.