The California Congress of Seniors, representing more than 500,000 members statewide, opposes the initiative.  A statement issued by Hank Lacayo, the State President of the organization, states, “Proposition 2 will eliminate egg production in the state, result in higher egg prices, very real food safety issues, and is simply a bad deal for California seniors.” Lacayo added, “Seniors who often rely on a fixed income can ill afford to pay significant more for their eggs, and more importantly, they are the groups whose health is most susceptible to dangerous food safety risks like Salmonella.”


The General Assembly of the National Latino Congresso has also expressed opposition to the ballot initiative sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States. The Mexican American Political Association has added their support to the coalition opposing Proposition 2.  The National Latino Congresso resolution stated, “The organization represented by delegates of the 2008 National Latino Congresso is opposed to Proposition 2 as it will drive the egg producing industry out of California and eliminate jobs for working families, specifically jobs held by USCW 8 workers at the New Laid Foods plant in Rippon, Calif.  Both Latino groups oppose Proposition 2 based on the adverse affect on the economy of the state, including the elimination of jobs at a time of high unemployment.