Hickman's Family Farms is testing a new style of transparent egg cartons that it hopes will keep cracked eggs off of store shelves and allow customers to view eggs they intend to buy without opening cartons in the store. The new cartons are being tested at four Costco locations and two Fry's locations, all in the Phoenix metro area.

The new egg carton design features a hard bottom that holds the eggs in place. A plastic film covers the carton, rather than a lid, and plastic separators come up above the egg so the cartons can be stacked.

The in-store testing of the new egg carton design began in April and is expected to continue until at least October. If the test proves successful, the new cartons could be integrated into Hickman Family Farms' regular production. Package inventor Geoff Von Der Ahe may also sell the packaging to other interested egg companies, the Arizona Republic reported.