The XVIIIth Congress of the World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA) held in Nantes, France, welcomed 1,300 delegates from over 80 countries with more than 500 scientific papers on poultry health were presented. Ceva held its own symposium, attended by close to 500 professionals, focused on the latest innovations in vaccines and equipment that will drive further efficiency in the hatchery. 

Ceva has 16 new technology vaccines registered in key countries, as well as invested in the provision of vaccination and handling equipment and expert service programs. 


Ceva also shared findings of a survey of 30 top global broiler producers to better understand what economic and social pressures they face, in order to determine how best to tailor support and services to meet these needs.

Dr. Sylvain Comte who presented the results said: “We were surprised at how willing producers were to adopt innovation and make process changes. They told us that they need new tools, specialized support and education for their employees, and above all, simplification of management practices. These partnerships are vital to us and we will continue do all we can to provide the support necessary to drive further efficiencies in production”.