The 2nd International Poultry Forum China in Beijing was held September 6-7 with more than 200 in attendance from China's leading poultry companies. The two-day educational and networking forum featured industry experts from around the world presenting on two themes: "A New Round of Risk and Crises in the Poultry Industry" and "Adoption of Measures Suiting Local Conditions in Pursuit of a 'Circular Economy.'"

In total, 18 different speakers were featured with two separate interactive panel discussions. With the China poultry industry still in crisis and suffering financial losses in 2013, a result of the early 2013 bird flu outbreaks and food safety issues, the speakers and delegates commented throughout the program that discussions, learning and collaboration among leaders in the industry are critical and necessary to create positive ongoing change.

Announced at the forum, 12 of the largest China poultry producers, including Taiwan Dachan Group, Shangdong Yisheng Livestock Poultry Breeding Co. Ltd. and Beijing Huadu Group Corp. Ltd., have mutually agreed to form an independent China Poultry Alliance. The alliance will seek a total of 30-40 China-based producers to participate. It will be affiliated with the China Animal Agriculture Association (CAAA). 


The new China Poultry Alliance is a groundbreaking move by industry leaders to work together on common challenges. The first initiative will focus on educating Chinese consumers about chicken production, processing, safe handling, preparation and promotion of chicken, all which are terribly lacking right now.

The 3rd International Poultry Forum China is scheduled for Sunday, September 21, 2014, in Beijing prior to VIV China 2014. Poultry International China Edition and WATT Global Media will again sponsor the event, hosted by Shanghai LyJa Cultural Media Ltd.