Over 400 people from the Dutch poultry industry attended the official opening of the latest Cobb-Vantress commercial trial facility in the Netherlands. The guests were given tours of the facility by the Cobb Dutch technical team and farm manager Hein Simmes-Schoorlemmer.

Matthew Wilson, Cobb Europe technical manager, said the event provided an opportunity to show the industry the "level of investment the company was prepared to put into this market."


"This unique, state-of-the-art trial facility will allow Cobb to continue its unrivalled technical support to customers not only in Europe, Middle East and Africa but globally, and we are very proud to have this world class facility and the Simmes family to aid us in this objective" he said. 

The unit at Flevoland in the central Netherlands is part of an investment in product development and trials facilities, alongside the $16 million project to double the size of the Cobb research complex at Herveld in Gelderland. The facility will house 40,000 birds within 24 compartments, giving the farm manager control of feed and water for each compartment.