Feed additives and avian vaccine manufacturer Lohmann Animal Health has been presenting its product range at conferences across Europe. The company presented at the Poultry Association Congress in Nantes, France and again at a World Poultry Science Association event in Potsdam, Germany. The company also spoke at the International Livestock Trade Fair SPACE in Rennes, France, the XV European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and Egg Products and the XXI European Symposium on the Quality of Poultry Meat in Bergamo, Italy.

During the presentations, Lohmann Animal Health covered topics including Salmonella prevention, Camplyobacter prevalence, biosecurity and hygiene.

The company's next conference will be at the International Egg Commission Conference in Cape Town, South Africa from September 22-26, 2013. Dr. Barbara Grabkowsky, Solutions Director at Lohmann Animal Health, will present.


At the World Poultry Science Association meeting at the Univeristy of Lleida, Spain, October 2-4, the company will give way conference briefcases to all attendees. Specialists from Lohmann will present on evaluating immunity duration and Gumboro disease vaccines.

The final events of the year include the International Poultry Conference in Geneva, Switzerland and the Egg and Poultry Industry Conference in Birmingham, England.