Adisseo has been named the winner of the 2013 Information Technology Innovation Award for its web-based platform, Precise Nutrition Evaluation (PNE). The award, sponsored by the American Feed Industry Association, Feed & Grain magazine and AgGateway, acknowledges technological advancements in the feed and food industry to meet the demand of a growing population. 

PNE, launched in September 2012, combines an internet-accessible database with near infrared spectroscopy technology, in vivo (animal feeding studies) analysis of ingredients for the determination of apparent metabolizable energy (AME) and digestible amino acids (DAA), and ISO-certified wet chemistry methods that are both stringent and high quality. The service delivers an accurate, highly-efficient nutritional analysis for three of the most expensive nutrients in feed-AME, DAA and both total and phytate phosphorus (TPP). 

"When we first made Adisseo's NIR service available to its customers, pre-PNE, it took two to four hours to turn sample spectra around into actual data," said Rob Shirley, Adisseo's poultry technical manager. "Today, PNE's calibrations are encrypted in the cloud, analyses are returned within two to three minutes, and data are always available to the customer in case they want to track the nutritional content of ingredients for purchasing and/or nutrition-related activities." 

The platform provides industry specialists with dynamic information about the nutrient content of 25 common feed ingredients, giving nutritionists, livestock producers and feed manufacturers more control over the nutritional composition of their feeds. It also allows purchasing decisions to be adjusted based on ingredient quality, giving buyers and purchasing groups the ability to shop for the best value and to verify (in a timely manner) that the quality of products they receive is what they paid for. 

"If you look at the purchasing side of the equation, an integrator may have a number of suppliers to choose from," said Shirley. "For example, if a buyer is evaluating three distiller suppliers, the buyer has the option of ranking them according to the amount of digestible lysine within each product. In addition to digestible lysine, the amount of TPP, AME and/or other DAAs in different ingredient sources can be criteria by which to compare suppliers. At this point, buyers can start to rank the value of each supplier based on the product they traditionally deliver." 

The runner-up for the award is the Kentucky Equine Research, Inc. for its MicroSteed Online Ration Wizard. The web-based application integrates with PC-based ration evaluation software, forming continuous communication between the end users, nutrition specialists and industry sales representatives. 

The ongoing conversation generated by the application allows nutrition specialists to evaluate and edit the feed ration provided by the end user. They can also answer questions and give recommendations. The wizard allows industry salesmen to enter the conversation by allowing them to follow up on high-quality leads, offer further support and facilitate sales. 

The application provides benefits to its triangle of users. It provides feed companies with an electronic interaction method with clients and also refers purchasers to dealer locations and online vendors to buy recommended products, increasing overall efficiency of consultation, improving customer service.