The 27th SPACE, held September, 10-13, 2013, in Rennes beat all attendance records for the number of visitors, in particular foreign visitors, number of exhibitors, size of the exhibition area and number of new products presented.

There were 114,591 visitors (6 percent more than in 2012, beating the 2003 record) including 12,298 foreign visitors (+12 percent) from 110 countries. This increase in the number of visitors and the large area covered by stands (67,000 m² net exhibition area) helped to promote ideal conditions for trade and business discussions.

The significant increase in the number of foreign visitors illustrates the position of SPACE as one of the leading animal production shows in the world. This increase, marked by a large number of visitors from Asia (China, Vietnam, etc.) and West Africa, met the expectations of exhibitors for whom exports are the key to increasing sales and long-term stability. The large number of countries who sent representatives, the large number of foreign journalists (73) and the number of policy makers within these visiting delegations demonstrate that SPACE is representative of the animal production sector and a world-wide crossroads.

The official visit by the Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, accompanied by Stéphane Le Foll and Guillaume Garot, was the occasion for them to address the agricultural world. There were around 50 conferences and forums (a third of which dealt with subjects of international import) which were well attended. The high level of these discussions between experts and farmers helped to establish SPACE as an exceptional driver for discussion and progress in the agricultural sector.

Innovation was also a feature of the 27th SPACE with 63 Innov'SPACE awards, five of which received a special prize. The Research and Development Village featured pig and poultry buildings of the future. Farmers were able to find the latest solutions in ergonomics, information technologies, energy management and environmental management.

SPACE was also a unique occasion for showing breeds to buyers from all over the world. More than 400 farmers presented 12 different breeds of animal. The Open Space, organized for the first time by the Evolution group as part of the animal classes, demonstrated the progress made in genomics for genetic selection. Auction prices reached high levels (€8,400, a record for the Prim'Holstein breed) and several animals were sold to foreign buyers.

This year's show was overshadowed by the absence of its President, Jean-Michel Lemetayer, who died suddenly this summer. The tributes paid to him enabled everyone -- family, friends, the organizing team, VIPs, exhibitors, farmers and visitors -- to honor his memory and confirm their determination to continue to expand this Show as he would have wished: an enjoyable event for professionals from all over the world.