The partnership between Zoetis Global Poultry and Japanese distributor and chick producer Ishii Co., which has seen more than 5 billion eggs vaccinated over 20 years, is to be extended.

In addition to distributing the current portfolio of Zoetis' Embrex Biodevices in Japan, Ishii Co. will now offer the range of vaccine manufacturing devices used for egg-based vaccine production for humans and animals. "We are very pleased that we have continued the business and personal relationship for 20 years," said Ishii Co.'s Masahiro Takeuchi. "From the research and development agreement in the first decade, to the more recent agreement for leasing and maintaining devices, we are very proud of our partnership with Zoetis."


Jorge Perez-Martinez, Animal Health Division director, Zoetis Japan, added that the success of the partnership has been driven by the commitment from both companies to deliver the best solutions to the Japanese poultry industry.