Burger King, the nation’s second largest hamburger chain, has announced a new policy of purchasing two percent of its eggs from cage-free suppliers, with a goal to more than double that figure by the end of the year. Burger King also announced a policy of purchasing 10 percent of its pork from sows that have not been confined to grates, with a goal to double that by year’s end.

On the layer policy, “this is not free range, but simply having some room to move around inside a controlled environment,” a Burger King official says in a New York Times article. He says that the eggs will cost more, but it is not certain how much because the company is still negotiating with suppliers on prices. The official adds, however, that prices to consumers will not be increased due to the policy change.


In other cage-free news, Bruegger’s has announced that its bagel stores in Wisconsin are switching to cage-free eggs. Bruegger’s, based in Burlington, Vt., says it will monitor reaction in Wisconsin and then decide whether to expand its policy to other states.