About 1.5 tons of poultry meat have been seized by the Israel Ministry of Agriculture's Enforcement and Investigations unit. There were two separate incidents where the poultry meat was being hauled in commercial vehicles that were not refrigerated or considered suitable for transporting meat.

One of the incidents took place at the exit from the village of Shfaram, while the other occurred at the Megiddo junction. In one case, the shipment had been designated for a butcher shop in Umm Al-Fahm, but the butcher refused to accept the poultry after inspecting it and deeming it unfit for consumption.


Both drivers were detained for interrogation, and the meat was sent to be destroyed.

"Due to our commitment to maintaining public health and preventing economic crime, the Ministry of Agriculture works tirelessly to prevent these types of actions," Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Yair Shamir stated in a press release.