You may have noticed a change in the way we are referring to the WATT Executive Guide to World Poultry Trends. Since its inception, the words "Executive Guide" had been highlighted, as it had been known internally and among its readers as Executive Guide. In re-evaluating the publication for 2013, the staff of WATT Global Media realized we were highlighting the wrong part of the name: This publication is about Poultry Trends, not an Executive Guide. So, WATT designed a new logo, emphasizing a different and more-applicable section of the publication's name.

That isn't the only change. We have changed to a new format for the digital edition of this publication. This format has its own Web address. In the past, readers had to search on to find a link to the Executive Guide. Now. readers can simply go to to view the latest annual edition. Back issues are housed on at

An even more dramatic change is the size of this year's edition. Thanks to far more advertising support than past year, this is the largest issue of Executive Guide - now Poultry Trends - we've produced.  By comparison, last year's guide was 44 pages.


We like to think this growth is partly due to the refocus of the publication in the last few years. The annual edition is edited by Alyssa Conway, working closely with Peter Best, our long-time contributing editor. They gather material from a wide range of sources for inclusion. We have updated the look with improved graphics and an easier-to-read format. We also make many of the charts in the issue, plus more data that isn't included in the issue, available for download at

We've also added summaries of WATT's exclusive World's Top Poultry Companies and Top Feed Company listings to this year's issue.

So with the new look, the new emphasis on the Poultry Trends portion of the name, more data within the magazine, more data available online and more advertising support, we are headed in one direction with Poultry Trends - up.