The WATTAgNet Webinar Series continues November 6 at 15:00 GMT with "Pig nutrition in response to rising sow productivity." World pork production continues to gain from year-by-year increases in the number of pigs produced per sow, but the extra productivity also challenges every breeding herd to find feeding solutions for both sows and piglets.

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This webinar features three leading European specialists in pig nutrition who have developed and implemented practical programs for feeding in the breeding phase of the pork cycle in countries around the world: Dr. Mike Varley, The Pig Technology Company; Dr. Steve Jagger, ABN; and Kayleigh Almond, Primary Diets.

In this webinar, you'll learn:


-When adjustments in maternal feeding can improve the viability of piglets.

-Why herd performance could gain from starting piglets on feed in the first week after birth.

-How increases in sow productivity are shaping new directions in the correct nutrition of the weaned pig.