Friday, October 11 is World Egg Day. From farm open days in Australia to online egg games, cooking demonstrations to school donations, the egg industry is doing its bit to raise awareness of the nutritional value of eggs.

In Hungary, a special seminar is taking place, while in Mexico there is a focus on health, with presentations at universities and media campaigns. In Brazil, World Egg Day has become Egg Week, and similarly in the UK, activities have been spread over a week. In Canada, people who do extraordinary things are being mentioned on Twitter, while in France 400,000 eggs will be given away and an educational film about the French egg sector has been launched.

In Africa, Novus is sponsoring celebrations in six countries and will be working with local producers and government entities to discuss and promote eggs.


Michael Whitmer, poultry marketing manager at Novus commented: "We look forward to this annual opportunity to work with the International Egg Commission, as well as egg producers and organizations on both a local and global level, to promote the positive benefits that eggs have to offer.

The annual event is constantly evolving, and helps not only to promote the egg industry but also to bring an end to hunger closer, while still managing to be a lot of fun.