Total exports for the Brazilian poultry industry stood at 2.999 million tons for the period January to September 2013, a decrease of 2.6 percent compared to the same period in 2012. By value, however, total exports rose by 5.5 percent to US$6.422 billion.

For the month of September, the volume of chicken meat exported was 2.4 percent lower in comparison with September 2012, standing at 315,500 tons. By value, exports were also down, by 9.7 percent at US$621 million.


President of the Brazilian Poultry Association Ubabef Francisco Turra notes that, with the exception of fertile eggs and genetic material, there was a reduction across all poultry exports during September. "Overall, this monthly performance should not affect the expectation that the poultry sector will achieve similar volumes to those of 2012, especially for chicken meat," said Turra. "There has been a notable reduction in egg exports, and this is a situation that Ubabef is working hard to remedy, adopting strategies that include, amongst others, developing new markets and strengthening our international brand."