Poultry processing company Mountaire Farms is seeking more than $200,000 in grant money from the state of Delaware to expand its processing plant in Millsboro, Del. Mountaire Farms is asking for a state Strategic Fund Performance grant of up to $87,759 and a state Strategic Fund Capital Expenditure grant of up to $129,000.

Mountaire's request for state funds is one of several being considered by the Delaware Council on Development Finance in Dover, the Associated Press reported.


To date, Mountaire Farms has been successful in securing state grants to grow its operations. In April, Mountaire Farms was awarded a $255,000 grant from the Delaware Strategic Fund to build a hatchery in Millsboro. The hatchery was expected to increase chick production 1.8 million each week. Also, in 2010, the Delaware Economic Development Office offered Mountaire a $787,500 Strategic Fund grant to assist with the development and construction of a new facility to recover unused protein from processing operations for use in making commercial pet food.