Internationally-known epidemiologist and swine expert Andres Perez, D.V.M., Ph.D., will join the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) in January 2014. Perez will join the faculty as an associate professor ofswine health and production, one of CVM's hallmark programs.
Thomas Molitor, Ph.D., chair of the University of Minnesota Department of Veterinary Population Medicine announced the appointment of Perez. "We are delighted and excited to have Dr. Perez join the College of Veterinary Medicine. He brings extensive experience in food animal epidemiology and emerging diseases that impact food industries," said Molitor. "His leadership will help us provide critical science-driven solutions to issues and problems in the swine industries."
Perez's appointment at the U of M reflects his long-standing respect for the institution. "Since I was a D.V.M. student in Argentina twenty years ago, I have been impressed and influenced by the world-class research on swine health conducted at the University of Minnesota. It is an honor and privilege for me to become a member of its faculty," said Perez.
Currently, Perez is director of the University of California-Davis Center for Animal Disease Modeling and Surveillance (CADMS), where he previously served as an assistant and associate researcher. CADMS is a Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reference center for veterinary epidemiology and modeling. His most recent research at CADMS included development of the


Disease BioPortal, a secured web-based platform system intended for real time routing, sharing and analyzing animal disease data and information. The system was first released in 2007.
Perez has served as committee member or advisor for more than 15 M.P.V.M. and Ph.D. students and has published more than 80 papers in peer-reviewed journals. He has served as senior author of papers distinguished as forefront contributions to the field of spatial analysis at three editions of the GISVET conferences. Those papers have been selected for publication in a special issue ofPreventative Veterinary Medicine, the leading journal in the field of veterinary epidemiology.
Perez has been the chair of the scientific committee of the latest edition of GEOVET, the leading conference on spatial analysis in veterinary medicine, at the University of Sydney in 2010 where he also taught a postgraduate course on molecular epidemiology. He has also served as president of the Ibero-American Society of Preventive Medicine and Veterinary Epidemiology.
Originally from Argentina, Perez is an advisor on epidemiology for the Argentine Animal Health Service and for the Foreign Animal Disease Research Unit of the USDA Agricultural Research Service at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center.