Register for the free webinar, Coccidiosis Vaccination: A New Approach to Salmonella Control, which will be held Thursday, December 19 at 9 a.m. CT. 

A sound coccidiosis vaccination program helps develop an early solid immunity to the intestinal parasite Eimeria. The importance of good intestinal health is important in reducing Salmonella colonization and shedding in the chicken house.

What you'll learn: 
-The basics needed for a good vaccination program.
-The relationship between intestinal health and Salmonella
-How to develop a good coccidiosis and Salmonella control program


The speakers for this webinar are Dr. Charles L. Hofacre, director clinical services, Poultry Diagnostic Research Center; and Dr. Greg Mathis, Southern Poultry Research Inc.

This webinar is sponsored by Merck Animal Health and presented by WATT Global Media.