Indian Broilers, a central business in the IB Group, has announced that it will source breeding stock from Aviagen India as it continues to grow and plans further expansion in India's domestic poultry industry. The formal grandparent signing ceremony signaled the commencement of a partnership between the two companies and was held October, 24 in Chhaittisgarth, India.  

The signing was attended by senior management of Aviagen India and the IB Group who then paid a visit after the ceremony to the state minister for Chhattisgarh, Dr. Raman Singh to herald the importance of the event for both companies in the rapidly evolving Indian market.

"We are pleased to be joining hands with Aviagen India," commented Dr. Jaiswal, president of Indian Broilers," the event is an important step for them and a major shift for Indian Broilers."  

The Aviagen Group is the global market leader in poultry genetics. The company develops pedigree lines for the breeding and production of broilers and turkeys, offering three commercial broiler breeder brands and two turkey brands to the customers in the poultry industry.


Aviagen India is fully owned company by Aviagen and represents the group's long term commitment to develop a local supply facility for the Indian domestic market and emerging export industry. The new production facility is located near Udumalpet in Tamil Nadu and occupies a 256 acre area with six modern, environmentally controlled houses, a dedicated hatchery, a feed mill treatment plant, fully equipped laboratory and business administration buildings.   

A separate quarantine facility ensures the imported birds pass all Indian health and quarantine requirements. Aviagen India has developed and trained a team of 220 local employees to manage and assume responsibility for all aspects of production and believes this strategy will succeed over the long term, in the Indian poultry market.

"We are pleased to welcome Indian Broilers as a new customer and look forward to working with them as they continue to build and grow their business in India," commented Paul Gittins, business manager, Aviagen India.