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Poultry Processing & Slaughter
on November 12, 2013

Higher tariffs on poultry imports urged in Papua New Guinea

Cheap import of poultry is hurting the poultry industry in Papua New Guinea, governor says

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O'Neill is being urged by Morobe Governor Kelly Naru to impose higher tariffs for poultry imports in an effort to aid the country's poultry industry. If higher tariffs are not an option, the government should look into giving subsidies to poultry producers in Papua New Guinea, Naru added.

The cheap import of poultry to Papua New Guinea has greatly affected the Papua New Guinea poultry industry, Naru said.

"The cheap importation of poultry products is affecting our farmers, our businesses, our two big poultry companies in Zenag Highlands and Tablebirds, as well as our small holder farmers because of the cheap overseas chickens and eggs," said Naru.

O'Neill is expected to direct relevant departments to look into the matter, according to the Solomon Star.

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