Dr. Millman obtained her PhD in Applied Ethology from the University of Guelph, Canada in 2000.  She has gained direct practical experience in aspects of swine, equine and poultry welfare in Canada, the United States and Europe in addition to her scholarly contributions.

Her appointment will include training of veterinary students in both an obligatory year one animal welfare course and a year two elective.  In addition, Dr. Millman will participate in senior year clinical rotations and continuing education programs.  She will develop a research program emphasizing swine and commercial egg production, representing the two most significant segments of intensive animal production in Iowa.  The service component of Dr. Millman’s appointment will involve consultation, participation in industry committees and the development of welfare programs to enhance the productivity and image of the egg industry.


From conversations with Dr. Millman it is obvious that she represents a new generation of professionally trained scientists capable of extending our knowledge of welfare and advocating management programs and housing systems which optimize well-being of flocks in the context of commercial production.  Dr. Millman will work closely with Dr. Anna Johnson of the Department of Animal Science and will establish links with fellow scientists in other colleges of agriculture and veterinary medicine to the benefit of both our industry and consumers.