The Latin American Poultry Hall of Fame was established in 1987 to identify and award those who have dedicated their lives to advancing the poultry industry in Latin America. WATT Global Media and Industria Avícola entirely handle the operation of the Hall of Fame. However, much of the success of this program is due to the cooperation and support of the Latin American Poultry Association (ALA).

This year, there are three new members who join the 61 members of the exclusive Hall of Fame over its 26-year history. This select group has everything: producers, entrepreneurs, professionals, academics, women and men -- every one of them with amazing trajectories.

The Latin American Poultry Association held a beautiful ceremony where the awards were presented, together with the awards for best company and professional from each country and the Golden Egg Award.


The selection of the new members of the Hall of Fame is based on the fundamentals that created it in 1987. The jury consisted of 10 professionals from the poultry industry in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama and Venezuela. It should also be noted that we had candidates from Argentina, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela that were nominated this year, with three of them winning the award: