Feed Management Systems Inc. (FMS) has announced the introduction of Pennent Mill Manager Feed Budgets, a knowledge-based tool that enables feed manufacturers to design and deliver precise diets that optimize an animal group's performance through every growth stage.

The tool provides a comprehensive, automated, intelligent software solution that delivers the right feed to the right animal at the right time, according to FMS. With this addition to the Pennent family of feed optimization solutions, mill managers now have even greater control over their manufacturing process, costs, ingredients and ability to reduce mistakes often associated with stage feeding requirements. 


Pennent Mill Manager Feed Budgets delivers control of a complex and dynamic animal feeding process directly to the feed manufacturer, automating the process of managing feed budgets, formulation modifications for each animal stage, nutrient measures and the inclusion of medications and additives. In addition, this process can be customized for each animal group at every growth stage - enabling producers to monitor and manage large groups of animals and their changing diets through every stage of their development.

"We have found that one of the toughest challenges facing feed manufacturers is the ability to know how to adjust and adapt animal diets on a continuous basis and - at the same time - manage the fluctuating costs of this process," said Brad Guyer, global operations portfolio manager at FMS. "We hope that by applying 'best practices' in mill operations with the most advanced technology, we can replace this 'unknown' with a rich knowledge base that provides confidence to feed manufacturers that they are delivering precisely the feed that an animal group needs at every growth stage, and at a cost that is in-line with budget."