Russian poultry producer OAO Ptitsefabrika Reftinskaya, located in the Sverdlovsk region, is expanding its business. The company aims to double its production volume to 80,000 metric tons of poultry meat in live weight by 2016. 

On June 25, a brand new, high-tech hatchery with Petersime incubators was inaugurated, with a capacity of 44.5 million eggs per year. The total setting capacity at Reftinskaya now reaches 68 million eggs per year.

The new hatchery is equipped with the latest technology: 20 BioStreamer setters and 18 BioStreame hatchers from Petersime have been installed. The setters hold 115,200 eggs each. Moreover, the hatchery is equipped with modern installations for automatic candling and transfer of eggs from the setter trays to the hatcher baskets (55,000 per hour), washing machines, chick sorting machines and more. The equipment was delivered by the German company Hartmann.

"Before the official first egg setting, we ran the incubators in a test environment. We went through the entire incubation process and the results were very satisfying,"  Reftinskaya General Manager Nikolaj Toporkov said during the inauguration.


Construction of the new hatchery took less than 18 months and was partly subsidized by government entities. In addition to the hatchery, a new four-tier cage facility is being installed, which will increase the broiler capacity to 175,000 birds.

During the inauguration, Denis Pasler, chairman of the Government of Sverdlovsk Region, was satisfied with what he saw. "The first results of the hatchery have reassured me," Pasler said. "The adoption at the poultry factory of new technologies and the production volumes that they allow to reach, completely comply with the goals the government of the Sverdlovsk region challenged the company with."