Creep feeding piglets as young as 7 days old can have a big impact on the growth of the animals and ultimately improve profitability for pig producers, according to Kayleigh Almond, piglet nutritionist for Primary Diets. Almond shared her views on creep feeding during the Pig Nutrition in Response to Rising Sow Productivity webinar, which can be viewed online at WATTAgNet. The webinar was sponsored by UltraPro+.

A common question is when to begin creep feeding. Almond said piglets who begin at 7 days old see a much higher weight gain than the ones who began later. Pigs eating creep feed will gain as much as 420 grams per day, versus those who aren't that only gain about 380 grams per day.


Almond said the best start, best finish principle applies here. "If you're getting better weaning weights and they're growing better in the nursery, this is likely to translate to overall better lifetime performance," she said.

The investment in additional feed is well worth it, Almond said, citing a 6:1 return ratio.