Nucleus successfully exported 684 animals to Chinese companies Shanghai Qinnong and Beijing Jiuding. Animals arrived in good health on October 12 in Shanghai. The Nucleus genetic is approved by Chinese market for its qualities of productivity and feed efficiency.

"Thanks to this new export, we aspire to take major market share on imported animals in China in 2013" said Jacques Gourmelon, managing director of Nucleus. "This success is result of fierce work of our teams and GGP farmers for improvement and promotion of our genetic potential. At the time when all pig producers from all around the world are requiring profitability driver, Nucleus genetic assumed its leading and locomotive position when being one of the best genetic in France and in the world".


Nucleus is the French leader in pig breeding. Nucleus owns 4 000 GGP sows and 15 000 GP sows and markets more than 150 000 gilts per year in France. Nucleus' aim is to provide the best genetic in order to meet requirement of all actors of pig chain: pig producers, feed mill, slaughterhouses, meat processors, consumers.