Due to the continued demand for Paneltim plastic panels for piggeries, Suffolk-based equipment supplier and manufacturer, Quality Equipment (QE), has invested more than GBP75,000 in a new saw and automatic welder, specially designed to deal with plastic. "This sophisticated equipment will enable the company to improve delivery times and offer greater flexibility with made-to-measure panels," commented QE Director Graham Baker.

The saw provides accurate cutting while the welder delivers strong joins with a high-quality finish. The machine can weld panels at many widths and lengths, so panels can be produced in a variety of dimensions to suit farmers' individual requirements.


The new machines have enabled the company to achieve a three-fold increase in output while improving quality and uniformity. In addition to the well-known hollow 'honeycomb' Paneltim panels, the welder can cope with solid plastic panels in a wide range of thicknesses.
"Paneltim panels are fast becoming the material of choice for gates and pen divisions in piggeries because of their durability and hygienic qualities," said Graham Baker.