An animation detailing the 21-day development of a chick embryo within the egg has been released by Australia's Poultry CRC.

The two-minute-long simulation video has been made freely available on YouTube for anyone who wishes to observe the process and will be especially useful for educators.


The animation, which the Poultry CRC says is both scientifically accurate and visually beautiful, addresses a number of areas in Australia's national science curriculum. For younger children, it can be used when teaching life cycles; early high school students can reference it when studying microscopic and atomic structures; and for older students, it is relevant as part of the study of the basic units of living things. Senior high school students who study biology also study comparative embryology, which includes a comparison of embryos of vertebrates, and this short animation could be a useful aid.

A strong emphasis has been placed on making sure that the animation is scientifically accurate, and a detailed research phase was undertaken before production began to ensure that the essential salient features were included.