In cooperation with its sister company within ABF, PGP International, AB Vista has supported the opening of a new production facility in Evansville, Ind., which will see a significant increase in the global production capacity for Quantum Blue 5G phytase feed enzyme.

The new facility, the result of a sizeable investment by PGP International, which specializes in extrusion and granulation technology, will commence production in early November, and according to AB Vista's Americas Regional Director, Dieter Suida, will help meet the increased global demand for Quantum Blue.

"Quantum Blue 5G offers end-users better performance and a more consistent return on investment than previous generation phytases, and that has driven considerable growth since it was introduced," adds Mr Suida. "We are also now seeing large parts of the monogastric feed sector moving towards superdosing to maximise the performance benefits available from phytase use, and those higher inclusion levels are set to create further growth in the phytase market."


This investment by ABF in the new production facility at Evansville further strengthens AB Vista's global supply chain, and the company's position as a market leader in feed enzymes.

The introduction of Quantum Blue represents a significant step forward for phytase performance and reliability, setting a new standard for the industry.