Canadian egg producer Burnbrae Farms has been giving an extra boost to World Vision Canada through World Vision Gifts.

World Vision is a relief, development and advocacy organization and, between November 29 and December 3, for every Two Hens and a Rooster package sold by the charity, Burnbrae donated an additional Can$20, up to a maximum of Can$10,000. The Two Hens and a Rooster gift package can produce up to 150 eggs a year, which can be eaten, sold or hatched, to provide a continual supply of nutritious food and income, and is the charity's most popular gift.


"Here in Canada, my children are lucky to have access to safe and nutritious foods," said Margaret Hudson, president of Burnbrae Farms. "But around the world, many children and their families aren't so fortunate. That's why our Burnbrae family is partnering with World Vision Canada - we want to help in their work with poor families in countries across the globe."