A 73-year-old woman from China's Jiangxi province died in December after becoming stricken with H10N8 avian influenza. This marks the first known human case of H10N8 avian influenza in China.

Chinese health authorities said the woman went to a live poultry market before becoming ill, news sources reported. She had later been hospitalized with a case of severe pneumonia, and her immune system was already compromised because of the H10N8 avian influenza.


Health officials have since quarantined people who had contact with the woman. However, they have not yet seen any symptoms of avian influenza in anyone else.

The H10N8 strain marks the third strand of avian influenza to infect humans in China in 2013. The H7N9 bird flu first emerged in China in April with more than 140 people hospitalized and 45 fatalities. In November, China also had its first reported case of H6N1.