Wayne Farms has reached an agreement with Marathon Health, who will provide onsite population health management services for several Wayne Farms facilities. The Wayne Farms fresh processing plant in Dothan, Ala., was selected as the first Wayne Farms facility to receive the services.

Effective January 2014, Marathon Health will provide wellness and healthcare services to Wayne Farms' employees and dependents at the Dothan facility with its MedicalHomeWork model as the foundation for care delivery. This model facilitates a partnership between the patient and caregiver with preventive and primary care, care coordination and referral management, community provider and health services integration, and a HIPAA-compliant technology platform for documenting and managing care.

Wayne Farms is the sixth-largest poultry producer in the U.S., a leader in the business-to-business market, and is dedicated to being the partner of choice to customers, employees and communities. It's this commitment that steered Wayne Farms to proactively address rising healthcare spending while improving delivery of benefits to employees.

"We are excited to form a new partnership with Marathon Health for our employees. We want to ensure that our employees have access to proper healthcare and wellness services that will keep them healthy, happy and thriving for a long time to come. We believe Marathon Health has the proper services and focus to help achieve this for our team in Dothan and beyond," said Wayne Farms Vice President of Human Resources David Malfitano.


Marathon Health Executive Vice President Jeff Shea said he values Wayne Farms' focus on employee responsibility and believes this partnership will help to reduce the increasing burden of healthcare costs to the company.

"With this partnership, we will work toward the greater goal of helping people lead happier, more productive lives," Shea said. "We see this across our customer base and look forward to seeing the same at Wayne Farms as we guide the Wayne Farms population on their journey to better health and well-being."

Following the implementation in Dothan, Marathon and Wayne Farms will begin work on building a new healthcare clinic to service Wayne Farms' facilities in Decatur, Ala.