Phytobiotics Feed Additives GmbH (Phytobiotics) -- a global leader in research, development and sales of quality feed additives for livestock and pets -- has established the Phytobiotics South East Asia Ltd. company with headquarters in Bangkok. Phytobiotics already operates internationally outside its European base with offices in the United States, Brazil and China, along with a production site in Changsha, China.

"We are already well-established in many parts of Asia. Our natural product Sangrovit is highly esteemed for its scientifically proven effect on animal well-being and a sound gut, which leads to better FCR and faster growth, combined with high-quality meat. To be able to serve the growing market for intelligent feed additives in Asia, it was time to establish a third branch," said Hermann Roth, president and CEO of Phytobiotics.

Dr. Thawatchai Poolsawat, Phytobiotics sales director of Asia, is the manager of the new Thailand office and will be responsible for the expansion of Phytobiotics' business activities in Southeast Asia. Poolsawat holds veterinary science degree and a master's degree in business administration. During his career he has founded sales departments in Asia for several leading European animal health companies, accumulating nearly 20 years in experience within the Asian animal health and feed market.


"I've seen many different companies in the animal health and feed industry and for me the key successful attribute of Phytobiotics is their direct service to the customer. Phytobiotics doesn't simply sell standardized products; they are backwards-integrated into the manufacture of their products. Furthermore, they really listen to the customer and figure out which solution is the best for them. Real-life production issues are often the basis for new product developments", said Poolsawat.

The inauguration of the new office in Bangkok, which will coordinate the business activities in Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Myanmar and Malaysia, was celebrated on December 2, 2013 with a Buddhist ceremony and traditional Thai performances. It was attended by the German ambassador and numerous customers, partners and colleagues.