The China Animal Agriculture Association (CAAA) established the National Poultry Industry Association CAAA Broiler Alliance during a CAAA conference held January 8 in Traders Upper East Hotel in Beijing. More than 50 leading poultry producers participated in the conference where the alliance was established.

Started from the early 1980s, with the advantages of high efficiency and low cost, China's broiler industry has developed into the one with highest levels of industrialization in the agriculture and animal husbandry industry. With the rapid development of the broiler industry, poultry has become China's second-largest consumer good.

However, the broiler industry has suffered waves of crisis in the period of development. In 1997, the avian influenza outbreak in Hong Kong occurred. SARS swept across China, which led Japan to forbid the import of China's poultry products, and an H5N1 outbreak occurred in China. A series of issues, such as "fast-grown broiler" and "medicine residues broiler" happened in 2012, and the H7N9 avian influenza outbreak in the beginning of 2013 seriously hampered the development of the industry. These issues have caused losses of CNY60 billion (US$9.8 billion) to the broiler industry, and the negative impact has not yet been eliminated. 

Therefore, it is a common view for the industry to establish an alliance, which can integrate and utilize various resources to work together, led China's broiler industry out of the shadows, and walk towards to a rapid, healthy and stable stage. And this is also the only way for the future of the industry. The initiative to found the Alliance has been highly recognized by Ministry of Agriculture.


More than 100 guests attended the inaugural meeting, including officials from Ministry of Agriculture, industry experts, industry-related enterprises and the general public interested in the poultry industry.

The name of the alliance is National Poultry Industry Association CAAA Broiler Alliance (China's Broiler Alliance for short). It is a non-profit social organization formed by the broiler breeding / processing enterprises, large downstream enterprises and other related enterprises or organizations. The aim is to actively study strategies of the industry, promote technological innovation, strengthen communication and scientific propagandas, develop domestic and foreign markets, promote broiler consumption, strengthen self-discipline, standardize the development of the industry, work for the members of the alliance, resist the risks and guarantee the food security together, thus promoting healthy and sustainable development of China's broiler industry.