The Heinrich Boll Foundation and Friends of the Earth have published "The Meat Atlas." Friends of the Earth says that the publication has been published to catalyze debate on a healthier, fairer, more-sustainable food system. 

The organization adds that since the horsemeat scandal of 2013, it has become much easier to talk about meat and that more people care about the impact of meat production and consumption and the benefits of cutting down.


The authors say that "The Meat Atlas" is a unique graphic and a highly accessible new guide that examines many aspects of the global meat system - from water pollution to gender equality, and obesity to antibiotics. It includes data on, for instance, how much public money is spent on livestock.

The Atlas looks at both meat and dairy and, as far as poultry is concerned, contains chapters entitled: a plethora of poultry; chickens take the lead; where keeping chickens is women's work; and imported chicken wings destroy West African businesses.