The company explained the details of the project during the 2006 China Animal Husbandry Expo, last month at Dalian, China. The project has attracted more than 100 relevant suppliers in and out of China.

The new complex will include facilities from grandparent breeding to commercial farming, as well as an egg powder factory and a meat processing plant. The total investment will be around CNY 1.8 billion (US$228.6 million).

According to Han Xingqi, vice president of Hanwei Group, the complex is due to be operational within the next two years.

“We’ll adopt modern technology in all segments, making the project a model for other egg producers and processors in China to follow,” said Han.


Headquartered at the peninsula of Dalian in east Liaoning, Hanwei Group is already the largest egg producer in China. It currently produces 58,000 tons of eggs a year with 3 million commercial layers. Its products are sold to many other Asian countries like Japan and Korea, under the brand of “Gegeda.”

In late 2005, Hanwei Group opened the Dalian Hanovo Foods Ltd.—a joint venture with Denmark-based Sanovo Engineering A/S. The plant has a capacity of 5,000 tons of egg powder per year.

Source : Allen Shu