Ayrstone Productivity, a leader in wireless farm networking, announced that HTS Ag and Feedlogic now offer its complete line of outdoor Wi-Fi technology products.
The availability of the company's products at these businesses is one more convenient way for farmers, ranchers and livestock operators to have access to fast and easy outdoor Wi-Fi coverage. Customers may also continue to purchase products online.


"We're excited about the opportunity to work with HTS Ag, an industry-leading precision ag provider and consultant group, and Feedlogic, a leading supplier of intelligent farming solutions for livestock production," said Bill Moffitt, president of Ayrstone Productivity. "We are confident that Ayrstone customers will benefit from our new partners' expertise and support."
Moffitt said the company plans to continue to expand distribution opportunities in the coming year. Its flagship product, the Ayrstone AyrMes Hub2n, allows all farm-connected Wi-Fi devices to be viewable and used just like they are a part of the Wi-Fi network in the home. Customers can easily access devices more than seven miles away on their home Wi-Fi networks, including remote cameras, switches, gauges, weather stations, and signals from tractors, combines and sprayers. Ayrstone products also are capable of enabling the collection and monitoring of precision ag data from cab components and helping customers take full advantage of the data generated by these tools.