The Big Dutchman group based in Vechta-Calveslage (Germany) is taking over the Spanish poultry equipment supplier Zucami. Zucami, headquartered in Beriáin, near Pamplona, recently became insolvent.

"As a result of the bidding procedure, the insolvency court accepted our concept presented in December," confirms Bernd Meerpohl, chairman of the Big Dutchman AG board of management. 

This concept intends for Big Dutchman to purchase Zucami's assets from Northern Spain while maintaining its headquarters and keeping around half of the 120 jobs. Business will continue under the new name Zucami Poultry Equipment S.L. 

"Even as part of the Big Dutchman group, Zucami will remain an independent brand on the international market," says Meerpohl. "Management and distribution will not be affected substantially. We are also happy that the shareholders of the company are still available as consultants."


According to Meerpohl, the Spanish company had earned an outstanding reputation in the industry and a very impressive presence in some regions. In addition, Zucami's product line is designed in a very different way compared to Big Dutchman's, thus ideally complementing the group's product range. 

Big Dutchman achieved a turnover of EUR 732 million in the past business year. 

In 2012, Zucami's turnover amounted to approximately EUR 110 million. However, this figure took a nosedive in 2013.