The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program (ACSP) is an education and certification program that helps organizations and businesses Evaluate and mitigate their impact on the environment in ways enhance the company’s financial performance. The program offers information and guidance to help participants implement an environmental management plan that improves efficiency, conserves resources, and promotes conservation efforts. Audubon International awards certification to publicly recognize and reward the environmental achievements and leadership of ACSP members.

Tyson Foods’ Glen Allen, Va., broiler processing plant is the first Tyson facility to apply for certification in ACSP. Tim Crum, environmental manager, Glen Allen complex, commented on how his operation came to be involved in ACSP. “I learned of the program in college where I did an extensive senior project on environmentally efficient golf course design, Crum said. “I presented the idea of joining the program and working towards certification to our Plant and Complex managers and they were enthusiastic about the program. We are unique in that we are in a formerly rural area that is becoming increasingly suburbanized, so anything we can do with our approximately 40 acres to create a more naturalized property will go along way in impressing our current and future neighbors.”

ACSP membership is open to businesses and organizations. Members include cemeteries, golf courses, community colleges, resorts, retail stores and manufacturing facilities. After registering, the next step in the certification process is to take stock of environmental resources and potential liabilities, and then develop an environmental plan that fits your unique setting, goals, staff, budget, and time. Audubon International provides a Site Assessment and Environmental Planning Form to provide guidance. Crum said that Glen Allen has completed the Site Assessment and Environmental Plan and is currently implementing the plan. “I anticipate that we will be able to apply for certification in two years,” Crum said. 


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