Jamesway recently launched its new website. 

"The look and feel of the website uses our traditional colors which were incorporated into the new logo and emphasizes our products and services to ensure hatchery managers and investors a worry-free hatchery," explains Jamesway President Dr. Ian MacKinnon.


The Jamesway logo and website have been around for many years. 

"The timing for changing our look and feel is perfect," explains MacKinnon. "Thanks to the increasing demand for poultry meat, new integrated meat factories are arising all over the world. All of these new plants are looking for rock solid incubation and hatchery equipment so that they can rest assured of their customer deliveries. That is what Jamesway stands for. Jamesway offers the most reliable incubation and ventilation systems, as well as expert advice and after-sales services to help create a worry-free hatchery. For this reason, we have given our products, services, and satisfied customers a prominent place in our new website."