CPM, a supplier of process equipment and technology for the animal feed, oilseed, biofuels and human food-processing industries, debuted the world's largest ring-die pellet mill January 28 at the 2014 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta.

CPM continues to innovate with the introduction of its new high-capacity, high-pellet-quality mill. The CPM Model 9950-14 is almost 40 percent larger than any other CPM pellet mill, with a 2,198-square-inch die.

"The market demanded a pellet mill with higher capacity that didn't sacrifice pellet quality or equipment durability," said Jim Hughes, general manager of CPM-U.S. "In creating the 9950-14, we were able to maintain CPM's traditional two-roll design for maximum efficiency and service life."


High-capacity operations such as swine and turkey feed mills will benefit from the new pellet mill's size and output efficiency. And its single-reduction, one-piece, cast-iron gearbox is designed to be directly coupled to a wide variety of commercially available motors, up to 800 horsepower.

Available with popular options such as CPM's lineator remote roll adjustment and roll speed measurement, the new pellet mill comes loaded with features that increase energy and cost efficiency while mass-producing higher-quality pellets. CPM anticipates the Model 9950-14 will be available for deliveries in fall 2014.

"We're very excited about the impact this new pellet mill can have upon larger feed mill operations," Hughes said. "Its capacity and durability mean many owners can essentially replace two pellet mills with one. The savings can be significant."