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on January 30, 2014

Netherlands launches new consortium to focus on Mexican poultry market

AgriMEXICO to aid development of business, collaboration between two countries

Dutch agriculture feed companies have launched AgriMEXICO, a consortium created to focus on the Mexican poultry market. Strategically, the purpose of the group is acquiring opportunities to develop the Mexican market for long-term solutions and opportunities to share knowledge, technology, equipment and materials. There is also potential for opportunities to create public-private partnerships, as AgriMEXICO has the support of state governments and colleges in Mexico and the Netherlands.

This program has three important components:

  1. Dutch brand: Demonstrate the possibilities and advantages for the use of highly qualified Dutch products and services in Mexico 
  2. Lasting innovation: Development of durable production systems in collaboration with local partners, with regard to the environment, the economy, social responsibility - all tailored to Mexican standards
  3. Entrance to the market: Acquire opportunities and investments in collaboration for agricultural production and food in order to access the Mexican market and offer solutions, products and durable systems
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