Thirty years ago this week, the first load of ALIMET shipped out of the Chocolate Bayou Manufacturing Facility near Alvin, Texas. ALIMET feed supplement, an 88 percent active source of methionine, has become the liquid methionine source most frequently used by nutritionists around the world. In addition to proven performance, ALIMET delivers an organic acid effect, reduces nitrogen excretion and supports performance during heat stress.

"The ALIMET unit has evolved enormously since we started, and is now called the Methionine Business Unit," notes the unit's president, Jeff Klopfenstein. "We produced 12,000 metric tons in that first year, and today we can produce that in a matter of days. I credit our laser-like attention to reliability, quality and steadfast customer service through the years to our success today."

Serving the animal feed industry as one of the top liquid methionine suppliers has provided the platform for Novus to solidify its commitment to the poultry industry, as demonstrated in Atlanta during the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE). 


"We are dedicated to our customers in the livestock and poultry industries. We have expanded our product portfolio and remain true to our ALIMET roots," commented Samson Li, vice president sales and marketing for Novus. "As the global demand for protein has grown, so has the need for quality feed ingredients and supplements. Novus has grown and expanded worldwide with this growing demand." 

"ALIMET and MHA work better in nutrition applications and that's only part of why we've grown so fast," states Ed Galo, North America general manager. "The poultry industry experiences better economic performance with our products, and we work with our customers closely to help them identify every advantage possible in this competitive environment."