Adisseo confirms the startup of its Chinese methionine unit in Nanjing according to plan, which mirrors its sister plant in Spain. The project has been a major industrial challenge, with more than 25 chemical units filling a surface equivalent to 30 football fields.

Adisseo congratulated all teams and contractors for their excellent safety performance during the 9 million hours worked for construction and the attention they paid to respecting all environmental standards from the Chinese authorities.

The common project between Adisseo and its shareholder BlueStar is a success: mechanical completion was reached in the first quarter of 2013. Chinese authorities have delivered all permits including the free sales certificates in August 2013. All units of the entire chemical complex (from elementary sulphur to liquid methionine) are now operative to ensure full reliability and optimized health, safety and environmental conditions.


The entire process is now fully operational and delivers Rhodimet AT88 on specification with the same quality standard as the plant in Burgos, Spain. Sales of Rhodimet AT88 manufactured in China began after September 2013. In 2014, most of the production will be reserved for the domestic market.

This gradual ramp-up of production realizes the Adisseo goal of serving all liquid methionine customers from two distinct platforms and to ensure total reliability for contracted partners. Additional capacity will meet the growing demand from leaders in the feed, poultry and swine industries to get the benefit of Rhodimet AT88.