BASF's global business unit Animal Nutrition launched a new campaign themed "We create chemistry." The campaign, which refers to BASF's corporate "We create chemistry" strategy, shows how the company addresses future challenges in livestock feeding: with efficient solutions for balanced growth.

Quality, sustainability and partnerships are BASF's key ingredients for achieving efficiency gains for its customers.

Producing enough meat, eggs, fish and milk for the growing world population: that's a major challenge in itself but even more so when setting product quality, saving resources and animal welfare as equally important goals. Dr. Alexandra Brand, who heads BASF's global Animal Nutrition business unit, said: "Simply producing more and more will not work. Therefore we need to produce more from less: with innovative and efficient feed solutions and the pursuit of balanced growth."

The newly launched campaign emphasizes how BASF Animal Nutrition will address these future challenges: By offering solutions that set highest quality standards and that contribute to a sustainable future - always listening to and working closely together with its customers.

"'We create chemistry' means that we diligently develop efficient products," Brand said. "For livestock producers who love best quality, good partnerships and a sustainable future."